Witches & Wizards

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Think Elementals. Think Magic. Think college level Harry Potter. Add some Romance, a cliche story line with a steampunk era and Cretaceous period Geography. (Bonus Artwork featured in book Art Gallery!)

RavenRock. Trade and Commerce center of the nation. Also home the most prestigious magic school in Nor-Mrica, RavenRock Academy. Most Witches and Wizards end up studying there.

This includes Shingi Jackson, an avatar Wizard. Born with the ability to control all four elements; earth, water, wind and fire. He's also a genius, but his troubled childhood past has done him damage and has kept him from achieving his fullest potential.

On his first day at RavenRock, he's assigned a tutor, Sazahra. A natural born fire Witch and a knack for the warrior elements. He also meets Percyrus, a man who appears to have it out for him.

Witches & Wizards 2: Book of Pyre and Jessie

In Collaboration with Teresa Sheriff - (Bonus Artwork featured in book Art Gallery!)

The multi-generation year war is now over, thanks to our heros. (Bonus Artwork featured in book Art Gallery!)

Now RavenRock has a challenge; since the war is over, the high demand for warrior witches and wizards is not needed. This leaves RavenRock in trouble as it won't be able to keep it's doors open for more than a year. Cyrus, Shingi, Sazahra, Melony and Shadow devise a plan; a school wide festival that is open to the public. Holding exhibitions of magic, competitions, food and trinkets merchants, they hope that this plan will bring in the much needed revenue to keep the doors open.

But that's not the only thing worriesome. With all fresh students, there is always a few particular who focused on. This years it's a special girl, Pyre Livingsten, who has both Cosmic Magic and Fire Magic. Alone, these two are easy to control, together, catastrophe can strike without warning. Her demons? Her past; her father, her mother and the link they shared with the war.

To make matters worse for Pyre, the other student that has gathered attention- Jessie Hanner. Hanner, as in Hanner Manufacturing. His father owns the company, the very company that Shingi and Percyrus went through to make the fridge. So, with all rich kids, it is assumed Jessie is spoiled. Upside, like Pyre, Jessie likes to build things. His contribution to society? Speakers.

Witches & Wizards 3: Elven-Lycan Mage

In Collaboration with Teresa Sheriff - (Bonus Artwork featured in book Art Gallery!)

The next chapter at RavenRock has begun. And with this new chapter comes more students. The one that immediately stands out: Astrid Espire. Demonstrated by her ability to switch in between all six elemental magics - at will. This is re-inforced by her ability to use Cosmic magic- one of the elements that cannot be replicated without an actual affiliation.

This demonstration of hers, catches the attention of a silent party. A handsome high snow elf with visible tattos on his hands, with icy blue eyes and hair.

Their first actual interaction- him questioning her early morning and late evening running habits; then her stating he's full of himself.

Witches & Wizards 4: Love and Violence

In Collaboration with Teresa Sheriff - (Bonus Artwork featured in book Art Gallery!)

Following in the footsteps of her brother, Elliana 'Elli' takes of residence at RavenRock, serving both as a student and a Teacher- her specialty; cooking. Like Dondrik, Elli also has uniquness embeded within her, sending ripples through a particular newcomer and their associates/friends.

Like Astrid, there's a newcomer to the scene. Donovan Volcane. Tall, a rugged handsome and simplistic life style (born and raised in the mountains by a volcano), Donovan is an odd individual that posesses a fighter's streak and background.

One of riches the other of rags, do these two prove that opposites really do attract or is that a fairy tale fluke?

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