As with the Magic On Earth Site, this page will contain all the current live books.

The Man Who Defied God is paranormal Romance short story that brings together man and woman, 'God', creation vs Evolution and the energies of the cosmos.

Heather The Elementalist: Super Soldier is military urban fantasy with some paranormal mixed in. With action, adventure and some romance woven in.

Heather The Elementalist: Conspiracy is the continuation of Super Soldier, with more of the same, but a deeper background and exposure to some nasty characters.

Heather The Elementalist: Vengeance is the final chapter Heather The Elementalist trilogy. Now it's time for good to triump.

Witches & Wizards is 'magic meets steampunk' universe. It combines steampunk, magic, romance, betray and military conflict into one book.

Witches & Wizards: Book of Pyre and Jessie is the second installment of the Witches and Wizards series. Though completely unintensional, it continues the story along, adding new characters and for once, looks at the aftermath of what a war does to people and places.

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